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Multi-disciplinary artist Gab Bois is extending her offerings of collectible items by releasing her own campy approach to Ready-to-Wear with a capsule entitled ‘Canapés’, a tongue-in-cheek reference to her business model: small bites, small quantities, simple pleasures. The second drop pays a zesty homage to the clementine, its image printed on knit sweaters or serving as a sculptural block heel to a stylish sandal. These wearable art objects are an extension of Gab Bois’ signature visual language, notably her use of food props in her photography work, now served to us in non-perishable form. Eye-catching pieces are stepping straight out of Gab Bois’ Instagram page, and into the wardrobe of the most in-the-know fashion collectors. 

Canapés was born out of the artist’s desire to offer an immersive experience to her audience, and allow them to take part in her universe, too. Gab Bois’ frustration with the prevalence of fast fashion, overconsumption and the rapid digestion of images and art, now more accessible than ever on social media, ignited her desire to create fashion items that are not only statement conversation pieces, but standalone art objects. Sustainability was top-of-mind for production: the manufacturing of the collection is entirely hand-crafted and artisanal,and bridges the gap between the quality of conventional luxury craftsmanship and novel technological innovations, a huge point of interest for the artist and, certainly, consumers alike. 

The Clementine collection features a knit cotton blend sweater, with a clementine graphic printed using UV technology, and heeled sandals with a PVC strap, ABS heels, and leather uppers & laces, made in Italy by expert craftsmen. The heels of the sandals are made from 3D models of real clementines. Both pieces will be available in limited quantities of 100 per item in line with the brand’s conscious ethos, and to offer exclusivity to its clientele.

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Gab Bois’ work is interested in revealing the surreal quality of everyday objects, notably food, technology and fashion. Influenced by childhood experiences of playing pretend, she brings a distinct element of fantasy to her body of bizarre tableaux and whimsical props. Her unique visual language, informed by design, fashion, pop culture and advertising, approaches the mundane with a sharp sense of humor. Having truly grown up in the selfie era, self-representation is a recurring theme in Gab Bois’ work, inciting a sense of closeness and relatability from her audience. It is with this particular intimacy that she transports us to a world of her own in which cocktail dresses are made out of scrabble tiles and clam shells can double as pocket mirrors.

Her work is a place where the double entendre of hyperrealism and the commonness of the familiar object happily coexist. Through her imagery, the artist challenges the viewer to question what they are seeing while at the same time modifying their perception of reality. Having a deep interest in paradox, Bois positions her work at the intersection of reality and simulation, futurism and nostalgia, affect and object. With a practice focusing on photography, video direction and object design, Bois has her foot in many doors. While versatile in mediums and disciplines, her body of work is tied together by a distinct thread of recurring themes and subjects. Self-taught on all fronts, Bois’ curiosity and passion for bringing concepts to reality is what keeps her practice ever-evolving.

Photo credit : Pegah Farahmand
Credits : Website by Corinne&Cloé